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-- we have beaten the topic to death and everybody has their own opinion. if romney wins it will be a big plus for the market but it is so close i don't think the market is reacting one way or the other so we have to wait for the results before we get reaction from the market. third quarter earnings have been a little anemic and guidance even more anemic. the market had a reasonably decent pullback for. you get a lift when there is lack of news or decent economic news but the fact is the jews seems to be gone and i don't know what it will take to get it going again. perhaps a romney victory and if that is not the case then it becomes -- i don't know where we are going. liz: i have three hedge fund managers tell me since romney has been in the lead the markets have gone down. you never know. we have to rush but thanks. have a great weekend. another big week on countdown to the closing bell. just in case you miss anything here are the movers and shakers who join us. >> western companies would act as strongly, western governments have done a good job with sanctions and havin
trail. mitt romney said he would leave china a currency manipulator on day one. that's those who invest in importing businesses might not like to hear. take a look at what they say on china this evening. also oil. much will be about middle east. what a potential romney administration or second term of obama administration has in store for middle east. that has everything to do with oil. there's trouble there, price of oil goes up. this is a matter of president obama's policies, favor some type of stock you invest in, you want him to deliver a strong performance, same from governor romney. we've been hearing from some romney aides that he wants to talk about the economy as much as he can, to talk about europe and their debt problems and prevent that from happening here. also plenty other things. they will try to force an economic message as much as they can tonight. we will be ready to listen. liz: china is an interesting excellent point to bring up because suddenly it is whoever is harder on china won't be as good for companies trying now to do business in china, our largest trading par
claus rally? >> i guess if you are of the view that mitt romney were to win the election and my sense is since he is a capitalist, my sense is wall street would prefer him and you have the senate and the house go republin bill this week. liz: cannot jump and about that? two hedge fund managers said why somebody pointing out that since mitt romney has taken depending on which portfolio you look, taken the lead since the first debate the market has been down, the market has had some really ugly days, to whic the which wee not seen in months. what makes you believe some type of romney victory when it has been down since he took the lead will somehow show a reversal here? >> trying to answer your question about what could be a surprise to the upside for the market, that is really quite to say since mitt romney caught up to barack obama but somehow that is the cost of the market going down. let's get a reality check. the reality is that maybe going down because it realizes there is nothing new coming out of the fed for some time. with the qe3 plus. a mortgage-backed security bond, but that
if it is offered to him again. romney said he would not offer him the job if he were to get in so he is setting the stage. that will be the wild card going forward to see if he wants to leave a significant imprint but the market itself is a healthy normal pullback, nothing to panic about. this is an opportunity where individual investors should be adding to their portfolio. i don't think the correction is over. we have a lower to go. housing stocks put on a great show. you have to be careful because you just witnessed the christmas season selling and traditionally they come off after the season. it is a great show on the plus side but as you pointed out the mortgage rates and mortgage applications have dropped dramatically search buying houses with gold or their own money but not using mortgages. liz: when you see those come down you wonder about the $40 billion the fed exempted every month since last time, but let's get to the nymex because i was looking at this price. slightly above $85 a barrel. we were told on monday this is where we would be going. we are ready 89 that day so what do you s
that mitt romney gets the presidency? >> the issue is the fiscal cliff, which is if nothing is done, the economy is going to contract by 4% next year. liz: do you think the market tanks on that, would you short things or at least hedge? >> i would hedge. i wouldn't short things because it seems like this market is on a sugar high and has a life of its own. liz: especially because of the fed and all the propping it's done. >> absolutely. liz: that doesn't go away at least for the short-term. >> no, in fact it's a given i think it will be there for quite a while. the question for investors market is up over the past year, if you recall last october it looked like the world was coming to an end. there was a lot of pessimism. right now it seems like the world looks pretty good. investors are complacent. they are confident. so for us historically when that has been the case, that's when we're wary. liz: even a downgrade of the united states triple a rating back in august, remember that, it was nothing, okay. at what level will you make your move? back this past august you went from 20% c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5